The series “From Here to Eternity” – Part 4

The series “From Here to Eternity” concludes.

Max Lucado tells the story of a man once went to a minister for counseling.

“I’ve lost everything!” he bemoaned.

“Oh,” the preacher said, “I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost your faith.”

“No,” the man corrected him, “I haven’t lost my faith.”

“Oh well then,” the minister said, “I’m sad to hear you’ve lost your character.”

“I didn’t say that,” the man corrected. “I still have my character.”

“Then I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost your salvation.”

“That’s not what I said,” the man objected, beginning to lose his patience.

The preacher explained, “You have your faith, your character, your salvation. Seems to me, you’ve lost none of the things that really matter.”

We haven’t either. We could pray like the monk who sat down to a meal of bread and water. He bowed his head and declared, “All this and Jesus too?”

This Sunday (like every Sunday) is all about Jesus. We have journeyed from the empty tomb with a focus on how Jesus’ resurrection opened heaven and eternal life.  Also, it’s Mother’s Day when we celebrate the gift of those who gave us birth. If you’ve ever felt cared for or protected, chances are good a mom had something to do with it. And yet, on a day when many people celebrate this day, we know others wait eagerly for the holiday to pass. But no matter what feelings such days stir in you, may I remind you of God’s great motherly love for you? His affection for you is so great, God sent His only Son, and like a relentless mother protecting her child, He comes after us.

“All this and Jesus too!”

Pastor Rob

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