“The Bridge to Easter”

“The Bridge to Easter (a hard Look at John 3:16)”

Like many of you, I am really looking forward to Spring. Lately, we have been teased with some early budding flowers and the greening of our yards announcing the season is near. Likewise, we look forward to Easter. We hunger for the joy held in its promises of new life. Interesting enough, the word “lent” comes from the old English word, “lenten,” which means, “spring season.” Lent is a yearly season that takes us on a journey to Easter. Just like Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, it is a time of preparation in order to experience the real power of the resurrection. In a greater sense, Lent represents the challenges and paths of our lives to eternity itself. And yet, Satan has created barriers that prevent us from our destination.

The bridge in our sanctuary is a symbol representing how God’s love brings us over into His kingdom. Jesus bridges the gap between us and God and yet, there are many distractions and behaviors that hold us back from getting over to receive what Christ has done.

Last week we witnessed Nicodemus’ visit with Jesus late at night and saw how Nic was having trouble getting over religious legalisms and traditions blocking Jesus’s message of God’s love. This week I am getting a bit more personal as I look at how some people are simply too stiff necked and hardheaded to really believe. Of course, I’m not talking about any of you, but as I look at Israel’s stubbornness and their golden calf, I can sometimes get a glimpse in a mirror.

Praying for glimpses of joy as we journey through Lent together, 

Pastor Rob

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