“No Perfect People Allowed”

So, what is it that makes a church, a church? We know the answer is not about a building, a denomination, a membership, a certificate, a ritual, a cross necklace, or some even pushy preacher. The very thing that makes us who we are is knowing who Jesus is. When Jesus asked the disciples, “who do you say I am?” He knew everything was at stake in the answer. Peter’s answer was the birth of the church (our church), that Jesus came to build.

I believe this church is called to share God Good News of Jesus as we continue to ask ourselves and others, who we think He is. In a culture whose mantra is, “It’s All About Me,” Jesus builds a church around surrendering our will to God’s will. Is it possible that only we deny ourselves that we finally are free to discover who we really are?

The bottom line is when we know who Jesus is, we will finally know who we are. It all starts with a confession.

Hope to see you in church. Better yet, I hope we can all BE the church.


Pastor Rob

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