Get Over It!

If you’ve ever been encouraged, or chastised, with these words someone is telling you to do one of the following: Buck up. Suck it up. Get on with your life. Forget it. Let it go, etc. Usually, these are not very consoling words and much easier said than done.

Truth is, it is easier to hold on to things, even those hurtful attitudes, habits, and behaviors. Sometimes it is our past that continues to haunt and control our present. Sometimes we just don’t want to get over it. We protest that some things are just too hurtful and impossible to just simply get over.

Enter Nicodemus, a Pharisee and teacher of the law, who encounters Jesus late at night. In John 3, Jesus makes an extraordinary claim that ol’ Nic just can’t quite get over.

Tomorrow we begin our Lenten journey and focus on getting over whatever it is that prevents us from experiencing the pure joy of Easter morning. I am building a bridge (yes a real bridge), as an object lesson, or metaphor, for what Jesus has done to open us up to the Kingdom of God. 

As we journey together through Lent, I pray we all can cross the barriers and chasms that keep us from the abundant life Jesus promises. More importantly, I hope to focus on the one thing that is so overwhelming that we cannot get over- the love of God.

Hoping to meet you on the journey,

Pastor Rob

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