Father’s Day

When I come home from work and see those little noses pressed against the windowpane, then I know I’m a success. —Paul Faulkner

Sunday is Father’s Day. No, not a high, holy day of the church year, but still a day we honor those who have raised, mentored, encouraged and supported us on our journey, whether biological or spiritual. I’ve heard, and experienced, that the definition of a dad is one who carries pictures of his kids in his wallet where he used to keep his money. Becoming a father is easy but being a father is far from easy. It is a calling filled with sacrifice and tears, but it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done, as well as the greatest source of pride and joy. When I realize how much I love my children I catch a glimpse of God’s love which is immeasurably greater.

Jesus prayed to His Heavenly Father – our Heavenly Father – and told others he was all about his Father’s business. Although I did not know an earthly father who could pass down values and dreams, I know the same Heaven Father who loves, values, and calls me to be about His business. And, by the way, so do you.

If God has a wallet, our pictures would definitely be in it.

Come and see,

Pastor Rob

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