Epiphany- a manifestation especially of a divine being. An illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure (Webster Dictionary)

You may have noticed a football game was played last Sunday. It was hard to miss with all the hype that preceded this “super” event. Sure I enjoyed the biggest, most talked about, most watched game of the season, (and even some of the commercials), but don’t you think it’s been a bit blown out of proportion considering all the things that really matter in life?

Take this Sunday for instance. Whereas we may prefer our worship to be predictable without all the over-the-top drama, tomorrow is “Transfiguration Sunday” and something extraordinary is about to happen. Take a few confused disciples (Peter, James, & John), and Jesus and you can guess the result based on other stores in the scriptures. But hold on. Add in two old dead heroes of the faith (Moses and Elijah), and even God almighty meeting together on a mountaintop and, “BOOM!” Something really super is about to happen.

I know we don’t expect that kind of excitement at Three Oaks, but shouldn’t our worship transform us to shine like the sun as we bring light and life to those around us. Shouldn’t our family, our neighbors, our coworkers know that we have been to worship. God tells the disciples to listen to His Son and tomorrow you will be invited to climb up this mountain and once again hear what Jesus has to say. Worship is all about Jesus, but it is at the same time all about us. About him as the beloved Son and us as the ones drawn together in community and privileged to be able to listen to him. 

This is the last Sunday of the season of Epiphany. I hold on to the belief that every worship service holds the possibility of a new epiphany or vision from the Almighty. Besides, for followers of Jesus Christ every Sunday is a Super Sunday.

Play ball! (I know, that’s a baseball metaphor, but you get the picture)

Pastor Rob

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