Easter Is Coming!

“Who will roll away the stone from the entrance of the tomb?” Mark 16:3

You Go First!

Whereas there are times we might want to be first in line (I.e. Roller coasters, traffic jams, DMV lines, ice cream, etc.), but when we are afraid or uncertain about what’s ahead we may prefer to send others to check out the unknown (i.e, dentist, water temperature in the pool, mom’s latest new dish).
From creation itself and throughout the scriptures God has always gone ahead of us to prepare the way. Tomorrow we celebrate God’s greatest go-ahead move – Easter! Jesus practically crashed through the lines into Jerusalem, into the temple, to the cross, and into the tomb of death. In spite of His innocence, Jesus went ahead of us to defeat our greatest fears.

In fact, the resurrection of Christ proclaims that there is nowhere you will go that God has not already gone ahead of you, even death itself. We need not be afraid of whatever our future holds because God is already there.

Where do you need to see God is going ahead of you right now, with the eternal promise, “Don’t be afraid and do not worry, I got this, and I got you.”?

“He is risen from the dead and he is going ahead of you to Galilee.” (Matt. 28:8)

And as always, you are invited to come and see that, HE IS RISEN, INDEED!
Pastor Rob

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