Tough Questions

We’ve all asked (or been asked), difficult questions at some point in our lives. Questions borne out of deep distress, doubt, fear, or even anger. They spring up in a world that desperately searches for meaning and purpose. They may even cause us to question God and become stumbling blocks to our faith. Some questions are easily avoided or ignored even by the church. Here are some of yours:

Why does God allow suffering?

What happens when die? Heaven? Hell?

Are science and faith enemies?

What about other religions?

Why does the church not talk much about the devil?

Is the church still relevant today?

I’m not guaranteeing that we will get to all your questions before Lent, but I’ll give it a shot. And as always you are invited to “Come and see.”( John 1:46).

PS: Perhaps the biggest question you have for me is, Will we be having church Sunday? Stay tuned to the email.
(If we cancel, we will use the same worship for the next Sunday).

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