Remembering Our Baptism

You will get wet on this ride”

This sign often greets riders in amusement parks. It holds a promise (or threat) that if you dared to proceed you might well get drenched. Of course, that is the anticipated thrill of getting on board.

Perhaps that sign should be overall our fonts, pools, and rivers where baptism is about to take place. Baptism is the entry point of an exciting, purpose-giving ride with Jesus. This Sunday we will celebrate with churches around the world the baptism of Jesus. The fact that Jesus, the one who did not need to repent, entered the baptism of repentance, means God is truly with us always in all things.

Whether you were sprinkled, drenched, or dunked your baptism means God has adopted you to be part of His Kingdom. If you’ve not been baptized I invite you to come on board. It is a great ride!
Come and see, Pastor Rob

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