No Perfect People Allowed

The trouble with God is… 

Who would dare to complete that sentence? 

So far in this series we’ve seen how God’s people are to witness by not being too hypocritical, judgmental, or stuck in a bubble of maintenance and self- preservation. Last week Jesus gave us a pin to pop our bubble by praying for us to go into the world with God’s kingdom’s values without conforming to the world’s valve. We (the church) are to be engaged, informed and caring as we share the abundant and eternal life Jesus offers.

So maybe the trouble most people inside the church have with God is not that God is too harsh, distant, or vengeful (Although, if we are honest, it might be nice if God would zap all the bad people or beat the evil ones into submission). Could it be that the real trouble many Christians have with God is that God is far, far too nice? 

No that’s not it. 

Too uninvolved maybe? Still cold.

Too safe? Really? That’s even colder.

Too slow to anger? You’re getting warm.

Too patient? Warmer! 

Too generous? Now you’re getting hot!

Too… too…too…

Ah, just join us tomorrow and we’ll see what Jesus says. (Hint- Psalm 103:8)


Pastor Rob

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