From Heartache to Heartburn

Last week I compared the post resurrection story of Jesus’ appearance to the disciples by the Sea of Galilee, to a recall notice. In John 21, Peter and some of the boys had gone back to their previous profession – fishing. Jesus (re)calls them back into ministry through His forgiving grace. This leads me to wonder if Jesus is recalling the church (that’s us) today? We keep hoping we can soon go back to what we were doing before the outbreak of Covid 19. But can we? Should we?

After experiencing the death and resurrection of Christ can we simply memorialize this as a sentimental journey to retell the kids once a year, but then resume our daily activities as if it never happened?

This Sunday we will look at another story of the risen Christ’s appearance. This time it’s with two other disciples walking away from Jerusalem. Like Peter, they seemed to be trying to get away from the bewildering and chaotic events on their way to the village of Emmaus ( Luke 24). As they were processing what had happened on that Easter morn guess who showed up? Guess who set their hearts on fire, turned them around and yes, recalled them back to share the Good News? (Hint- He is alive today to walk with us now).

Perhaps we too on a road like the one to Emmaus as we try to make sense of all that is happening (Covid, violence, injustice, prejudice, political polarization, church schisms, etc). I think more than ever the world needs to hear what the church has to offer. Maybe, just maybe Jesus is recalling us by once again setting our hearts on fire, and opening our eyes to the presence of the risen Lord.

Come and see,

Pastor Rob

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