A Place to Belong

Last week I shared that the church should be a faith creation station – A fertile place to believe and practice God’s grace and mercy develops in the world.

This Sunday’s answer to “Why Church?” is to have a place we belong. We all need to feel we belong to something (and someone) bigger than ourselves. We must be willing to make the church a true family where we feel genuine belonging fills the void in each of us. The church is a human community and of course, any human organization will let us down at times, but belonging to a church reminds us that we are loved and forgiven and consequently, we love and forgive in return.

Mr. Rogers (a Presbyterian minister) built his children’s program around his conviction that everyone longs to be loved and longs to know they are lovable. Likewise, our calling as a church should be to help others know they are loved by God and capable of loving.

Sunday we will look at a man who probably felt his sins disqualified him from belonging to, much less loved, by Jesus. If anyone deserved to be voted off the island because of his denial of our Lord, it would have been Peter. So what does Jesus have to say about that? (read John 21)

Come and see,

Pastor Rob

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