A Church without Walls

Last week it was exciting to consecrate our shelter and begin worshipping outside – as weather permits. As we looked at the first church in Acts 2, I shared that I believe our church should be a working, scale model of the Kingdom of God and laid out a threefold plan:

  1. To worship in an exciting and transformational way, designed to experience the love of God.
  2. To grow into mature Christian’s through Bible study and fellowship opportunities.
  3. To serve as the hands and feet of Jesus to share God’s love with our community and world.

I pray that being outside will serve as a great visual reminder of how Jesus broke down the walls that prevent us from modeling God’s kingdom to our community. This summer as we worship, grow and serve God, may we pay better attention to all the ways God is breaking down the barriers that prevent Three Oaks from offering Jesus. 

With that in mind, tomorrow I want to share a gift with you. It is a gift every child wants and needs to help them know they are loved, valued, and cherished. As we recognize Father’s Day, we will model the gift of the blessing which we are called to pass down to each generation. 

So, are truly blessed to be a blessing? 

Come and see,

Pastor Rob

PS: By the way, I feel truly blessed to be appointed as the pastor of Three Oaks for another year!

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